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Scratch Off Stickers

This week I purchased 1000 scratch off stickers to use for fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. I was surprised to see how many choices there were but I settled on some plain ones to use for practice! I posted some ideas on the Kim Wiggins OT Facebook page and, of course, fabulous OTs shared additional ideas! Here is the list we compiled so far, but I’d love to hear your ideas too! You can send them HERE if you’d like me to add them to the list!

  1. Scratch the sticker to reveal a letter/number/word, student writes the letter/number/word to address visual motor and hand strength.

  2. Write a clue on the sticker, scratch the sticker to reveal the answer.

  3. Scratch the sticker to reveal a number, student makes a number bond equation using the number as the sum

  4. Scratch the sticker to reveal a movement or exercise, student performs the exercise to address motor planning and sensory modulation.

  5. Scratch the sticker to reveal a simple fine motor task that the student needs to complete

  6. Cover a graphic with the stickers. Write numbers on the stickers. Roll the dice and scratch that number to address visual closure.

  7. Use for rewards and behavior modification! Scratch to find the prize that you earned!

  8. Using your BrainWorks membership print off a sheet with the small sensory activity cards, cover with the sticker, then have kids report if the activity is alerting, calming, or Just Right!

  9. Place the stickers on the handouts in lessons 11, 12, and 13 of Just Right! A Sensory Modulation Curriculum for K-5 and determine if it’s a sensory activity that works for them before adding it to their sensory diet tool folder! (Don’t forget to use the SUMMERFUN25 coupon code to save 25% this summer!)

  10. “Play hangman with the stickers covering the word. Scratch when correct.“ -Dena B.

  11. “Place vertically on wall and label: scratch when named to work on visual processing, auditory processing midline crossing and coordination.“ -Dena B.

  12. ”Scratch off to reveal a color and have to find something in that room matching the color and write a sentence about it or write down what object they find.” -Holly M.

  13. ”Have the student write a word and they cover the letters up with the stickers then you guess. They can scratch off your correct guesses and write the wrong letters on the paper.” -Erika D.

I’d love to hear some more ideas that teachers can use in the classroom for effective push-ins and collaboration! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! My kids had a fun time with this and even enjoyed coming up with ideas that other kids would like! Here’s a sample video of one of the ideas!

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