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Get Under the Table!

For more strategies please take my course "New Ideas for Posture, UE Stability & More!"

It seems silly but a really fun activity to promote upper extremity strength, bilateral coordination (using both sides of your body at the same time), and visual perception is to do activities under the table. Here are some examples:

1. Have the student lay on their back under the table. Tape a maze, dot-to-dot, or coloring activity to the underside of the table. Complete the activity. This facilitates shoulder strength and stability. It also facilitates wrist extension which supports a functional pencil grip. IF you don't tape the paper, the student will have to hold it against the surface with their non-dominant hand, which also encourages bilateral coordination.

2. Tape sight words or answers to basic math problems under the table. Have 2 students lay on their back under the table. One student is in charge of asking the questions and the other student holds a flashlight. The student asking the questions will read words and the student with the flashlight has to shine the light on the same word, which is taped to the table. Another idea is to have the student read a simple math problem. The student with the flashlight can shine the light on the answer to the problem (which were already taped to the underside of the table). This helps to work on ocular motility skills and strengthens the muscles in the eyes to increase their range of motion.

3. Sometimes students have a sensitivity to the fluorescent lights in the classroom. Unfortunately the other students in the classroom may not have the same sensitivities and need the light to complete tasks. For the student with light sensitivities, he/she can sit under the table to complete work. It works almost like a large brimmed hat to block the sun.

Think out of the box (or under the table)...and try to find academic tasks that can be done. These activities give kids another sensory experience that are also helpful in promoting basic skills for strength, grip, and vision. Have fun!

For more strategies please take my course "New Ideas for Posture, UE Stability & More!"

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