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What if my students are already familiar with the Zones of Regulation (ZOR)?

ZOR primarily focuses on emotional self-regulation, whereas Just Right! focuses on sensory self-regulation but also incorporates emotions. Most kids can’t understand their emotions effectively until they understand their sensory needs effectively.  In fact, we recommend and support using Just Right! alongside, before, or even after ZOR if you’ve already started it. There are many programs that use colors to help children understand the differences between their emotions. Because of that, we even include a modification in each of the 16 lessons about using Just Right! with emotional regulation programs that have colors, just in case you want to use them together!

The ZOR is "a practice based on evidence" rather than an "evidence-based practice." The Just Right! curriculum is that PLUS MORE! 

Is Just Right! evidence based? 

Just Right! evidence is a level 3 (Evidence obtained from well-designed controlled trials without randomization. The study is a quasi-experimental study. In addition to that, it's founded on level 1 research on the effects of movement, yoga, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and other components included in the Just Right! curriculum. Read more about the research completed by co-author Gwen Wild at:

How do you download the digital version? 

You can purchase the digital version of the Just Right! Curriculum at a discounted rate. The directions to download are in the description of the product on this PAGE. You will receive a link in your email receipt with the download. It is only available to download for a short period of time after your purchase, so make sure you download it! It will download as 2 files in a ZIP file. You may need to "unzip" the file and these directions are also located on the product page. 

Why are there extra handouts on the handout download page? 

There are extra handouts that were created after the curriculum was written to help support different types of groups and/or levels. Their title starts with "EXTRA" and they are located in the section of the lesson they belong in. You can find the "extra" downloads on the Just Right! Handouts page. Please let us know if you have questions! 

How do I download the Just Right! handouts from the website?

You should have received the special password in your receipt to enter on the Just Right! Handouts page. Sometimes, if the curriculum was purchased with a purchase order, the password is not always sent to the receiver of the curriculum. In this case, please contact us and we will assist you! 

How is Just Right! different from the Alert Program?

The Alert Program (AP) or How Does Your Engine Run? is an iconic program that influences so many things that we do when teaching sensory to kids. The main difference is that the Just Right! curriculum coincides with the popular BrainWorks sensory diet tool (but can be used without it). So, if you're using the BrainWorks sensory diet tool picture cards, it makes it easier to use the 2 programs together. Another difference is that the main goal of Just Right! is to teach this program to whole classrooms as a level 1 or 2 intervention. However, we also provide modifications for teaching it to small groups or individuals. Overall, Just Right! can be taught by anyone, simply because it's easy and clear to follow...even if you know nothing about sensory modulation! Here are some other differences:

  1. In JR, students complete their own kid-friendly checklists to increase self-awareness. We do this several times throughout the curriculum in various ways (there are 2 different handouts for younger and older students). 

  2. AP starts off by learning about engine levels and then uses the senses to change the engine levels. JR teaches the students about all 8 senses (far and near) very specifically, with 3 separate lessons for proprioception, vestibular, and interoception. Even though it seems complicated, students truly understand these senses and learn the terms! (FYI it's pretty cute to hear a 1st grader say "I need some proprioception!") 

  3. JR also focuses on gasoline "tank sizes" for EACH of the senses. This helps them understand the difference between being over- and under-responsive to each of the far or near senses. It also helps students become more aware of each other's differences.

  4. JR's lessons are much more specific with what you need to do when teaching the curriculum. We tried to think of everything, including specific scripts for what to say, how-to videos for each lesson, and 6 different modifications per lesson. We recognize how busy everyone is and want ANYONE to be able to teach this curriculum! The handouts can easily be downloaded from this website for ease and for students that are completing remote learning. 

  5. In JR the students create their own sensory diet tool folder, and then complete lessons and role plays using it to ensure carryover!

  6. We feel that JR's handouts are up to date and appealing! 

  7. Just Right! can also be purchased at an affordable cost in a digital format for ease of use! 

How does the BrainWorks Sensory Diet Tool work with the Just Right! Curriculum?

The BrainWorks Sensory Diet Tool was created and developed by Gwen Wild, co-author of the Just Right! Curriculum. The BrainWorks digital membership can be purchased through Sensational Brain HERE! BrainWorks is an online tool for creating effective sensory diets for children, teens, and adults that takes pride in being USER-FRIENDLY, from start (selecting what you need) to finish (empowering the client to select appropriate activities). The Just Right! curriculum uses the BrainWorks sensory diet cards in the lessons. The lessons make it easy for children to understand their own sensory needs and be able to choose the appropriate activities. However, you can teach the Just Right! Curriculum without the use of BrainWorks. 

Can I purchase the Just Right! Curriculum from Sensational Brain?

Sure! Please keep in mind that the shipping rates may be different. Also, we run separate promotions. 

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