Just Right! A Sensory Modulation Curriculum, is based on the popular BrainWorks program used NATIONWIDE! 

This evidenced-based curriculum includes 16 lesson plans and specific activities to build your students’ self-awareness and help them understand their own sensory needs. Each lesson also includes modifications for younger children, large classrooms, individual sessions, and suggestions for implementation alongside the ZOR program. BONUS: Distance learning modifications are also included for each lesson!  Each lesson plan includes a list of materials, lesson preparation instructions, and hands-on activities, including what-to-say scripts. The appendix includes lesson-specific handouts.


No longer will you have to struggle to think of new ways to teach your students about their sensory diets. By the end of the curriculum, they will have a toolbox of strategies! This program can be taught by occupational, physical therapists, speech therapists, teachers, social workers, psychologists, parents, or anyone willing to help their students become independent and successful in school. This EASY-TO-USE curriculum will be available fall 2020 just in time to start the year with push-in strategies that can be used throughout the year. 

Just Right! A Senory Modulation Curriculum for K-5


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