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Letter Reversal Strategies

Letter reversals are common until the end of first or beginning of 2nd grade! However, even if your child is reversing letters in Kindergarten and 1st grade it’s helpful to give them activities to learn the correct orientation. I am including 2 resources to address this:

  1. Here is a GREAT Website that helps children learn the orientation of common reversals such as: b, d, p, s, 7, z, etc. The custom game can be played with any letter that is reversed. The other games available are primarily for b, d, and p. Here is the link: from the Blast Off to Reading website. You can get the app but you will have to pay for it. The website is FREE!

  2. I am also attaching a “reversal card.” Studies show that students are more likely to learn the difference between b and d if they are learned at completely different times (not by showing the differences at the same time). Research is proving that if you provide them with a different motor plan to create each letter they will not reverse the letter when writing. Therefore the “bat and ball” trick can often be confusing. Of course, some kids will do fine with that strategy, but students with special needs may have more difficulty. The evidenced based handwriting program, “Handwriting Without Tears,” suggests teaching the letter b by making the letter h and then closing up the bottom. You can say “if you see honey (honey starts with an h) you will see a bee (close up the h and it turns into a b).” To teach a “d” show them the beginning of the alphabet and you can say “c comes before d, make a c and turn it into a d.” I have attached the reversal card that can be printed as a reminder when your child is completing their homework.

REMEMBER: Children that exhibit letter reversals need frequent reminders and practice!

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