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We are writing a book!

To the pediatric therapists pounding the pavement each day, treating child after child...have you ever asked yourself why, during all of your schooling, no one ever taught you how to determine the frequency, intensity and duration of care for the population that you treat? Do you feel like your caseloads are too high? Do you worry that your caseload doesn’t cycle enough to allow new children to be seen in a timely manner? Do caregivers or colleagues argue with you when you try to decrease or discontinue services? Do you struggle with administrative guidelines indicating you should see every client 1x per week for years? Do you ask many times per week should you see the child? For how long? For how many months? Have you been frustrated with the lack of information available to guide you? It's almost unbelievable when you really think about how such an important decision has almost no support. Well...wait no longer, because you're in luck! Hope Caracci and I are developing an easy to read book that explores a variety of practical tools to guide pediatric therapists to quickly and effectively determine frequency, intensity, and duration of care for our patients. If you’re interested in receiving this book as an advanced reader (reduced cost in exchange for an honest review) please complete this google form.

I hope you can share with others! Thank you for your support!

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