Handwriting consultations are available to help determine strategies and programs that will best fit the needs of your student.

Visual Screenings  using Puzzle Art Therapy (PAT):  Kim is certified in Puzzle Art Therapy.  PAT Consultations are available


The Listening Program Consultations:  The Listening Program is a music listening therapy that promotes brain fitness.  It’s effects can result in progress with auditory sensitivity, attention span, motor skills, and speech/language.  


Assistive Technology Evaluations:  Kim’s broad  knowledge and training/certification in Mobile Devices of Children with Disabilities will provide your student with recommendations for various options for assistive technology.  Technology can be used for handwriting compensation, motor impairments, sensory or behavior strategies, etc.  


Second Opinion OT Evaluations:  Often parents or school districts request a second opinion evaluation.  A thorough OT evaluation will be completed focusing on visual perception, motor skills, and sensory processing skills.  


Irlen Screening:  Kim is a certified Irlen Screener!  What is Irlen Syndrome?


Handwriting Assessments:  A thorough assessment of handwriting is completed using the Print Tool Assessment and Kim’s high level of handwriting expertise.  

Kim has presented to groups of up to 400 people.  Private workshops are available upon request.  Please contact Kim  to learn more.  Prices based on length of course and size of group.  

Kim has also presented privately to the Ohio Institute for OT/PT School Based Practice Annual Conference, Therapeutic Resources in Manhattan, Family Resource Network in upstate NY, Montana OT Association Annual Conference, and the National Special Education Conference in Seattle.

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