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Social and Emotional Learning

Schools all over the country are making an initiative to address social and emotional learning. They recognize that it is imperative to address in order for learning to occur. Therefore, ALL school staff need to be working together to address it. I think that sometimes therapists feel like they are stepping on toes if they address SEL, because often social workers, counselors, and school psychologists are the primary people to address it. However, everyone needs to be on board. OT, PT, and Speech are beneficial members of the team by addressing developmental skills, so that students can focus on learning the 5 core competencies of SEL.

Sensory modulation is a HUGE piece of this puzzle. Students need to understand their sensory needs and also strategies that will help them achieve success. The problem is the concept of sensory modulation can be confusing. Many OTs understand sensory modulation, but it can be tricky to teach with lots of terms. SLPs, PTs, teachers, and mental health providers may also feel that sensory modulation is not their "turf." That’s why we created a specific curriculum that helps you teach sensory modulation to everyone and it can be taught by anyone! The Just Right! Curriculum is a structured program that was designed to be taught to whole classrooms as a Tier 1 RtI approach. We want everyone to develop sensory self-awareness so that they can independently modulate (or regulate) their sensory needs. The OT kids aren't the only ones with sensory issues...we all have them in some way or another. So it is helpful to learn about self-awareness.

Also, school professionals, especially OTs, are seeing a huge increase in sensory needs...even more so after remote learning from COVID. We are getting bombarded by referrals. So this is the time to teach a curriculum to a large number of kids so that everyone is on the same playing field. You can also teach the program to small groups or individuals to re-iterate the concepts. Take advantage of the LAST DAY of our 2022 sale: 22% off the digital or hard copy! Use the code: NEWYEAR22 at

Sometimes when we purchase a curriculum or any publication we struggle with finding a time to read it or review it. It often just gets put on a shelf or stored in our piles of stuff until we get some free time (if we get free time). This is why you should consider my brand new course because it will teach you how to teach the curriculum. We will also address how sensory modulation impacts social and emotional learning. You will have an opportunity to see the lessons demonstrated and to practice the lessons. I feel like learning a new program by actually doing or seeing it done is always easier! You also get a free digital version of the curriculum included! You can register at Hands on Approaches!

Help support social and emotional learning so that your students can be as successful as possible!

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