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Primitive reflexes?! How do you address them in schools?

Kids have so many deficit areas that are strongly correlated with the prevalence of retained primitive reflexes. To name a few: poor handwriting skills, poor attention to task, and poor coordination and balance skills. What happens when you’ve been addressing these issues in school but you haven’t seen progress in years?! Perhaps they have one or more retained primitive reflexes!

I’ve been presenting about this topic for almost 10 years and can’t wait to share my new and improved course.

We bumped it up to FOUR hours so that I can show you SOOOO many videos! I also have personally created TOOLS that I can give you for FREE to make your life easier when determining if they have the reflex AND to create a plan.

This course will be LIVE on Thursday, September 14 from 5 to 9 PM EST.

Don’t forget you get the on-demand version for free when you purchase the LIVE just in case you can’t make it (or can’t attend LIVE for all 4 hours)! Register here:

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Unknown member
Oct 13, 2023

Thanks for sharing this information with us

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