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OT Alexa

One of my FAVORITE tools in the last year or so is my "OT Alexa." I am using this for so many things in the OT room and I find myself wanting to use it when I'm in other rooms! Here are some things I use it for:

1. hands-free timer (countdown until the session ends or for taking turns, etc.). Also, multiple timers can be put on at one time.

2. to ask Alexa the questions students ask when I don't know the answer (i.e. dinosaur


3. all music (calming when swinging or alerting when necessary)

4. counting up to 100. This is especially helpful when one student is jumping on the trampoline and I want to talk to the other student but can't count at the same time! lol

5. hands free calculator (especially for calculating standardized scores)

FYI there are rules. Kids know they aren't allowed to talk to Alexa unless they ask permission. Some kids are better at this than others but it hasn't been a problem. If it did become an issue I would just unplug it for that session.

What other things can we use this amazing tool for in the therapy room?

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