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NEW FREE Webinar NOW Available!

It's HERE! Gwen Wild and I recorded our LIVE webinar on 3/2/21 and it's now available ON-DEMAND! The course is FREE and OTs can get a FREE CEU!

You can purchase our curriculum here:

This course will review SENSORY MODULATION and our curriculum. Sensory modulation, defined as the ability to respond appropriately to sensory information and remain at an appropriate level of alertness, is critical for academic and social success. Research shows that modulation is a skill that can be taught. When viewed within a larger educational framework, sensory modulation is seen as a component of emotional regulation and social-emotional learning. This FREE, 1-hour webinar covers the evidence supporting instruction in sensory modulation, basic concepts and terminology to be used in this instruction, and a specific curriculum available to ensure success in this endeavor.

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