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Just Right! Updates 5 & 6 (Lesson 14 update and RtI strategies)

Update #5: Lesson 14: Has anyone gotten to lesson 14 and thought “Wait…they want me to play with water in front of the class? Are they nuts?!”

Well, it wasn’t as hard as it may have sounded but we came up with an easier solution! Instead of water, use COTTON BALLS! I also use 4 SOLO cups and trim two so that we have two normal sizes (large for Sam and Susie), one medium (for Rachel), and one short (for Freddie). As you read the story of the triplets you can add one cotton ball for each sensory input into the cups. It works like a charm and is much easier to transport and reuse! We actually changed it in the book when we started using Therapro, Inc. as our new printer! If your copy includes the water version and you would like more clarification, please let me know.

Here's a video with more explanation:

Modified LESSON 14

Update #6: The handouts section includes a document titled: RtI Sensory Modulation Strategies. A list of sensory modulation strategies for tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 are included. These can be used in conjunction with the Just Right! Curriculum or without it.

Don't forget...if you've purchased the curriculum you have access to the handouts and several other freebies by using the code sent to you in your receipt! You can find the handouts by going to this link on the OTKimWiggins website:

If you have NOT purchased the curriculum yet, please utilize this holiday coupon code: JINGLESALE25 for a discount of 25% on your purchase from now until January 3rd, 2023!

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