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Just Right! Update: It’s all about the GOALS!

WHOOPS! This is actually Update #4. I jumped ahead of myself yesterday.

Today's Just Right! update is all about the GOALS!

Did you know that Just Right! has specific goals that coincide with each lesson? If you've taken my courses in the past, you may have heard me mention how much I LOVE goals! Gwen and I decided to create a full document with SEVERAL goals that connect with each lesson, but they can be generalized to meet your student's needs.

Does anyone have difficulty writing SENSORY GOALS?

Well, look no further, we're here to help! I actually use these goals on IEPs or 504s all the time depending on the student's level.

For example, a goal from lesson 2 is:

The student will independently (or with X verbal cues), accurately label the need for his body to move fast, slow, or just right when shown examples (videos or real life), in 5 out of 6 consecutive trials (2 examples for each speed).

A goal from lesson 11 is:

To demonstrate understanding of the intended impact of sensory activities, the student will name (or point to pictures of) three calming sensory strategies, independently (or with X verbal cues), in 2 out of 3 days within 1 week.  

These are located in the handouts section of the website: 

Don't forget...if you've purchased the curriculum you have access to the handouts and several other freebies by using the code sent to you in your receipt! You can find the handouts by going to this link on the OTKimWiggins website:

If you have NOT purchased the curriculum yet, please utilize this holiday coupon code: JINGLESALE25 for a discount of 25% on your purchase from now until January 3rd, 2023!

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