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Just Right! EXTRA handouts for Lessons 7 and 8

Hi again! Are you ready for more updates?

#2: We added a new handout for Lesson 7, which incorporates the sensory systems poster with blank spaces. This helps students label the 8 sensory systems...and also helps them practice handwriting if you're working on that. It is labeled as "Extra" in the list. I usually do this with the kids if we have extra time, if I have some students with handwriting goals, or I give it to teachers to review during the week. Yes, the near sense words are a little big for the boxes but we discuss writing smaller and planning.

#3: We added an adapted version of lesson 8's handout so that the students can make a list of brake and gas pedal activities as a whole group and practice writing skills! It is labeled as "Extra" in the list. I do this instead of creating the red and green group activity. I also start the discussion by asking for

one brake pedal and one gas pedal idea for the sense of hearing. So for example, today the kids said LOUD noises are gas pedal activities so we wrote "loud noises" on the line. For the brake pedal side, we stuck with the sense of hearing and wrote "slow music." Next, we talked about sight and wrote one for each. Next, we talked about smells, then tastes, and then things we touch!

Don't forget...if you've purchased the curriculum you have access to the handouts and several other freebies by using the code sent to you in your receipt! You can find the handouts by going to this link on the OTKimWiggins website:

If you have NOT purchased the curriculum yet, please utilize this holiday coupon code: JINGLESALE25 for a discount of 25% on your purchase from now until January 3rd, 2023!

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