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Have you tried Stretch Sand yet?

Have you tried Stretch Sand yet? Do you think you’re over or under responsive to tactile input? I would estimate that 75% of my students are under responsive to tactile input because they LOVED it and couldn’t get enough! I have several students that wanted to wipe off their hands….but because the texture is so calming and amazing they pushed themselves to keep playing with it!

I’ve been using this awesome modality in Lessons 4 and 9 of the Just Right! Curriculum. The kids can communicate if this sand makes it them feel fast, slow, or just right!

See! You can incorporate the topics of Just Right! with just about any Sensory experience and relate it to their social and emotional skills! Take advantage of our 2022 sale: 22% off the digital or hard copy for 22 days! Use the code: NEWYEAR22 at Or

Learn and practice how to use the Just Right! Curriculum and strategies for social and emotional Learning! A free digital version of the curriculum is included! Also during the course you will participate in hands on activities to get you ready to teach the curriculum!

Have fun STRETCHING!!!!

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