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4 Sensory Characters

The Just Right! Curriculum incorporates 4 characters that help explain how different people respond to sensory input. The 4 characters are:

  • Too Fast Freddie

  • Just Right Rachel

  • Too Slow Sam

  • Sensory Seeking Susie

We provide a detailed description of how these characters respond to all sensory input at the beginning of the book. Then after each lesson plan we explain how they may be responding to the specific lesson. They are there to help YOU fully understand the different types of reactions you may see in your classrooms, homes, or communities! This is especially helpful for “non-OTs” (teachers, parents, and all therapists) who may be less comfortable teaching this topic. Watch the video below for a description of each character.

You can purchase the curriculum at:! We would appreciate you sharing the website and info to get the word out there! (FYI we do accept POs)

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