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Go Fishing! Activity

This is a copy of an email that I sent to parents this week. You have permission to use it but please modify it as needed to meet your student's specific needs:

The link below is a video about creating a "fishing" activity.

Please use this as a way to work on a skill your child's teacher has given you. For example, you can use this to practice recognition of words, letters, or numbers. You could even put a number on each fish and then give simple equations. For example, 2 + 2 = (they have to fish for the number 4). Another example: 8 = 5 + (what number). This is an easy activity to make with simple materials that hopefully you have around the house. If you need help please let me know!


  1. Cut out fish shapes of any size out of any type of paper you have (this is a good way to use up any junk mail that you have laying around).

  2. Depending on the academic skill you want them to practice, have the child write letters, numbers, or sight words on the fish.

  3. Tie a piece of string/yarn/toothfloss/etc. around a water bottle's neck.

  4. Attach a piece of scotch tape (sticky side out) to the other end of the string (I find that it works best to tie the other end through the loop of the scotch tape.)

  5. Have your child lay over the side of the couch and put the fish on the floor. You could also do this by having the student sit in a chair with the fish on the floor or simply standing with the fish on the floor.

  6. Ask your child a question:

  7. For letters or numbers: Find the letter...., Find the number...

  8. For sight words: "Find the word...." or have the student fish for the word and ask "what word did you find?"

  9. For math: Ask a math question such as "1 + 3 =" or "how many windows do you see?" or "10 is 6 and...", etc.

  10. To reel up the fish, have them rotate the bottle in their fingers (working on fine motor skills) so that the string twists around the neck of the bottle until the fish is at your child's level.

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