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Yellow Activity #4

NOTE: This is a message that I sent to my students this week. Feel free to use the idea but modify it to meet your specific needs.

I think I mentioned that I added videos to my YouTube channel: "Kim Wiggins OT". Some of them are for younger children, but feel free to show your child. It may be nice to hear some of the strategies they used in previous years. This is the link to the video

Please remind your child to check their shared google doc from Mrs. Wiggins. They don't have to do this everyday (unless they want to) but at least twice per week when I send my email on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Also, here is a fun activity to get in some movement and practice typing. Instead of writing me back this time, they could type out the answers to this activity in our google doc so that I can see what they did. Let’s go on a Spring Egg Hunt! If you have plastic eggs you can use them but if not that is ok. On a piece of paper have your child make a list of 10 Spring words. Cut them up and then place one inside each egg. If you don’t have plastic eggs then just cut out small eggs out of paper and write the words on each egg. You can have your child cut out the eggs for cutting practice. Next hide the eggs either inside or outside your home. Have your child look for eggs. Each time they find an egg, have your child run back to their chromebook and type out a sentence that includes that word. Then find the next egg. Continue until all of the eggs are found and there are 10 sentences (the sentences do not have to be elaborate).

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