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Reading and Writing Difficulties?

The primitive reflex movements lay down the patterns of neural networks and myelinization of pathways in the brain. This allows the connection of the various areas of the brain that are important later on for learning, behavior, communication, relationships and emotional well being. Most of the reflexes emerge in utero and help the baby leave the birth canal. They all of have different time ranges but most should be integrated by 12 months old. This then helps the baby complete more complex developmental milestones that have to do with language and behavior and so on. These reflexes originate in the brain stem. Unfortunately if they do not integrate in a timely manner, we would call them “retained primitive reflexes”. This means that when a specific body part moves, then it causes other body parts to move. The child has no control over this because it is a reflex. It can be very frustrating and most children have no idea this is happenig to them so they end up working 10 times harder to compensate for this.

Most retained Primitive reflexes can cause these challenges:

  • Reading and writing difficulties

  • Language and speech delays

  • Disorganization

  • Fidgeting

  • Poor concentration

  • Low muscle tone, muscle weakness

  • Chronic body aches

  • Poor endurance and fatigue

There are different kinds, but the following are the 5 most common reflexes that we see retained in school aged children. In order to help your child integrate these reflexes it is recommended that they perform movements on a daily basis for at least 30 consecutive days to help integrate the reflexes.

Here are videos that contain exercises for each reflex listed:

  1. MORO: Pediatric Potential: “MORO Exercise: The Starfish,”

  2. TLR: Flexion and Extension:

  1. ATNR: Pediatric Potentials: “The Robot,”

  2. Spinal Galant: JaderholmDC,

  3. STNR: Pediatric Potentials: “STNR Exercise: The Stretching Cat,”

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