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What did I do today? Played ZINGO!

Zingo by ThinkFun is a fabulous game and I've played it for so many years. However, did you know that they have various versions of Zingo? This week I played Zingo Sight Words with my students in OT. I was able to increase and decrease the complexity of the game for the students I worked with all day. Of course I put my own "OT SPIN" on every board game that I own. This is how we played: each student takes a turn to slide the interactive "Zinger!" machine using their hand strength and bilateral coordination. "The Zinger!" releases 2 tiles and if a tile matches a sight word on their Zingo board they have to write the word down on their paper (possibly adapted paper such as Raised Line or Handwriting Without Tears' double lined paper). The student that writes the word the fastest AND NEATEST gets to keep the tile for their board. Students in third grade or higher were required to write a SENTENCE with that word in it (focusing on spacing between words, handwriting speed, and placement on the line). Some of my students are working on typing skills so they had to type the word or sentence on a laptop or iPad keyboard. The kids had a great time...even if they did have to hand write (which many avoid)! Keep in mind that sells various versions of Zingo for our enjoyment, but also as a therapeutic tool!

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