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NEW:  PUSH-IN to the Classroom!
The Why & How for Related Service Providers

Push-in to the classroom is an evidenced-based and effective treatment strategy for OTs, PTs, and SLPs. Because of multiple barriers, therapists are often more comfortable providing pull-out therapy sessions. In this 2-hour course, the speaker includes research review, push-in and distance-learning strategies, and a discussion of the benefits of carryover and collaboration strategies.

Collaboration is essential in providing occupational therapy services in school systems. Although pull-out sessions can be effective, pushing into the classroom and collaboration is the new norm. A huge barrier to push-in sessions is TIME! This course reviews how to determine dosage/frequencies, strategies for using your time efficiently, research, and case studies that support increased collaboration in school systems.

Every year, students exhibit increased challenges! The addition of school-wide movement initiatives, such as motor labs and sensory paths, can promote skills needed for learning.  This course reviews the research to encourage using school-wide movement initiatives. It also provides specific strategies for adding motor labs and sensory paths into your school environment.

The webinar will include cheap and easy adaptations and techniques that can be used in the classroom, home, or therapy. It will also include FREE resources and question and answer time.

Chromebooks in 
Special Education

Google Chromebooks can be an excellent assistive technology tool for students with special needs. This course reviews a variety of strategies that can be used as a compensation technique when a student has difficulty functioning in a classroom setting.

Goal writing can be time consuming and difficult to complete for therapists. This webinar will teach you a step by step process how to write functional goals for students in the school setting.

This two-hour course will provide you with a screening process to determine if a student is exhibiting retained primitive reflexes. It will also provide you with compensation techniques and treatment strategies to help integrate each reflex explained.

Handwriting skills on the iPad will be reviewed, including apps to teach handwriting and how to use the iPad as a modification for students that have difficulty with handwriting.

The webinar will include cheap and easy adaptations and techniques that can be used in the classroom, home, or therapy. It will also include FREE resources and question and answer time.


The webinar will include easy to understand explanations of the visual system, lots of FREE resources, and question and answer time. The webinar is worth 0.2 AOTA CEU/ 2 contact hours.

The apps that will be discussed will be related to: organization skills for students and therapists, behaviors and rewards, sensory, fine motor, and visual perception. This webinar is chock full of resources!!!

Strategies reviewed include screenings, evaluations, frequency recommendations, IEP/504 documentation, goals, assistive technology, intervention plans, progress notes, and daily notes. Helpful forms included with your purchase to make your job easier right away!

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